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Here's how it works:

Enter the 5 players you think will do best in Open Singles and Open Doubles in the form below. You can pick different players for singles and doubles, or the player lists can be the same. However, you may not list a player OR TEAM more than once in each of the events (e.g. you cannot list the same player OR TEAM in multiple places in the same event). You will get points based on these player's finishes using the following formula:


For example, if your players finished 3rd, 4th, 7th, 13th and 17th in a 128 team chart your points would as follows. Please note that you can have negative points -- which means you did really poorly =).

128 - (3 + 4 + 7 + 13 + 17) = 128 - (44) = 84

Bonus Points:

In the form below you will notice the "1st Place Bonus", "2nd Place Bonus" and "3rd Place Bonus" items next to the Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 fields. If the player you list in these boxes finishes exactly at that result you will receive 20 bonus points. Thus, you can receive a maximum of 60 bonus points per event. NOTE: The player must finish in exactly that result to get the bonus points -- if you list a player as finishing 2nd and they finish 1st you DO NOT get the bonus points.

Total Points:

Your total points will be your Open Singles Points, plus your Open Doubles Points, plus any Bonus Points you receive.

Tie Breaker:

In the "Tie Breaker" section below enter your guess for the total number of goals in the Open Singles final. The total goals will count both matches in a two set finals. The winner of the tie breaker will be the entry that is closest to the total goals without going over -- if all tied player's guesses are over the actual total, then the winner will be the closest to the total goals.

What Do You Win:

There are not really any prizes except bragging rights, but the winner will also receive any one item out of the NetFoos Online Store =). Good Luck and Have Fun!

Online Registration:

Please note that it is up to you to find out if certain players are playing in the events (we don't have a master list of who is playing and who is not). ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Your Name and Picks May Be Listed on the NetFoos Website Along With Other Paticipant's Picks (use an fictitious name if you want to be anonymous).

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